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Amnèsia 21 giugno 2012

November 8th, La Paz, Bolivia.
Day of the skulls. Amnésia is back for the last time. She walks through the city, along the cemetery to the Valley of the Souls. Someone follows her steps.


with Alejandra Lanza, Nicóle Iturriaga written & directed by Giacomo Cesari original score Marco Fagotti photgraphy/cut Giacomo Cesari voice Alejandra Lanza assistant director Livet Tibisay sound design Marco Fagotti / Giacomo Cesari production support Paolo Soravia, Clandestino Films, Eddy Vasquez photo cover Alvaro Gumucio Lì  [Italia / Bolivia]

Amnesia giacomo cesari alejandra lanza

Transeuropa 30 settembre 2010

A merchant crosses the old continent to deliver the goods. The encounter with a population of survivors renders the journey a process of transmutation.

Serendipity is a propensity for making fortunate discoveries while looking for something unrelated.


written, directed and cut by Giacomo Cesari with Felix Augusto Quadros, Freddy Quispe Salines & Julian Huanca, Salvador Mamani, Reinald Gomez, Magdalena Mamani, Santiago Guardia, Victoria Yujra original score Zu - Jacopo Battaglia - Luca T. Mai - Massimo Pupillo + Orc from Carboniferous, Zu /Ipecac/ director of photography Peter Scalettar photo animations John Fitzgerald voice produced by Paolo Soravia, Donald K. Ranvaud production assistant Fernando Cwilich technical support Andrea Ferro audio consultant Francisco Paco Aguilar at Studio Final Aspiazu, La Paz, Bolivia [Italia / Bolivia]


TRANSEUROPA giacomo cesari felix augusto quadros ZU